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     Last year saw me planning for a round the world trip which included a cruise.One suitcase!!!!!!
I wanted to take some jewellery for the cruise but being a more mature lady I needed to take some expensive looking pieces that didn't cost a fortune, but was going to look the part. And I found it!
You will see from the photograph it looked a million dollars. But here is the added bonus. I didn't have to fiddle with clasps, it clicked together in the front with magnets, I could also alter the look with a different clasp, or alternatively with a different neck piece. It sat comfortably, DIDN'T COME UNDONE! but came apart as easily as it had done up. It was honestly much admired, to the point that one of my Ossie girlfriends fell in love with that I bought her one and sent it down under on my return.
This jewellery is fun, expensive looking, very reasonably priced and the best bit of all IT LOOKS A MILLION DOLLARS!!!

Thank you, thank you.


I suffer from arthritis and in an attempt to help ease the pain I purchased a pendant from Kamila's Energetix range
of magnetic jewellery.
After a few days, the pain eased quite considerably so I decided to buy some other jewellery pieces, to vary my look.
The pendants can be dressed up for a more glamorous evening look or dressed down for wearing with more casual clothes.
I was so impressed with the health benefits - less pain, more energy and a more general feeling of well being - that I then bought an Energetix Magnetic Heart with Copper. This is held in place by the magnets just about anywhere so I usually wear it on my shoulder, under my outer clothes or on my pijamas. In fact I am such a convert to Energetix that I have bought several pieces as presents - a bracelet for my husband, (who was very sceptical, but is now a convert) for his aching knees.
When a friend recently broke her arm I gave her a copper magnetic heart. She said it immediately reduced the pain
and stiffness in her fingers. I look forward to seeing the new designs and adding to my collection.

Sue Turner

I discovered Energetix jewellery almost by accident but I'm so glad I did. I always wear a piece of the jewellery.
By wearing a bracelet the arthritis in my hands hasn't bothered me in years and a necklace removes the tension in my neck.
And because the pieces are so beautiful and stylish you don't feel you are wearing a piece of medical genius.
My wish list for future items will keep my husband busy for years!

Jo Shurety

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