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2014/15 Energetix Collection


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Benefits from using magnetic therapy:

* helps reduce pain and increase mobility in joints effected by arthritis;
* helps in healing strained ligaments, muscles etc.;
* reduces bruises and swollen part of the body;
* increases defence of immune system;
* improves blood flow and warms limbs;
* removes from blood not needed substances, for example: calcium, cholesterol and fat;
* gives more energy and strength
* assists and speeds up healing process of broken bones;
* tones down migraines and headaches
* improves general health

Its efficacy is used to help in healing of:

* headaches, migraines
* depression and general tiredness
* infections and inflammations
* broken bones
* rheumatism
* menstrual pains
* problems with blood circulation (high and low blood pressure)
* insomnia
* thyroid problems
* Parkinson syndrome


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