Body Massage


A Brief History

Massage is an instinctive human response that when we bump ourselves that we rub it and the 'ouch' soon goes away.
This basic instinct has been slowly developed over the countless generations into a sophisticated healing art and science.

Professional therapeutic massage is an age-old healing art, which can alleviate physical, mental and emotional ailments.
The practice dates to the Chinese in 3000 BC. Other references in the bible refer to anointing the body with oil.
In 460 BC, Hypocrites prescribed it as a beneficial treatment for his patients.

In one form or another, it developed in all the nations of the old World. Hippocrates, who is considered a father
of medicine, said that all physicians should have experience of the techniques of rubbing, It is recognised that rubbing can bind a joint that is too loose and loosen a joint that is too rigid. Furthermore, rubbing can make the flesh and cause parts to waste, it is these latter beliefs that are so important for those concerned with figure improvement.
In 1813, the Royal Central Institute was established in Stockholm, Sweden, and here the known massage movements were studied scientifically
and systematised. This was the most important single development in the field in modern times and it is because of this that remedial massage is often called "Swedish".

Contraindications to Body Massage

If you not sure that you qualify to be treated with Body Massage treatment
please consult your Doctor.

Massage is generally a safe treatment for most people. However there are health factors known as contraindications which may affect the type of treatment you can receive. Contraindications are usually discovered during the consultation process.

Total contraindications mean that the client cannot receive any massage with any of the following conditions:

• Fever
• Contagious or infectious diseases
• Under the influence of drugs or alcohol
• Recent operations
• Neuritis
• Skin diseases
• Allergies

Local contraindications mean that the client cannot be massaged over areas affected by the following conditions:

• Skin diseases
• Undiagnosed lumps and bumps
• Varicose veins
• Pregnancy (abdomen, with medical permission)
• Bruising
• Cuts and abrasions
• Scar tissue (2 years for major operation and 6 months for a small scar)
• Sunburn
• Undiagnosed pain areas
• Inflammation
• Menstruation

G.P Medical Referral means that the client cannot be treated with any of the following conditions unless they have
written consent from their doctor or health professional:

• Pregnancy
• Cardio – vascular conditions (heart conditions, hypertension, hypotension, thrombosis, phlebitis)
• Any condition already being treated by a medical practitioner
• Any condition already being treated by another complementary health professional
• Medical Odema
• Osteoporosis
• Arthritis
• Acute Arthritis and Rheumatism
• Nervous and psychotic conditions
• Epilepsy
• Diabetes
• Asthma and Bronchitis
• Kidney infections
• Bell’s Palsy, trapped or pinched nerves
• Gynaecological infections
• Recent operations
• Acute rheumatism
• Nervous/psychotic conditions
• Cancer

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