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Double Star Hair Comb

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About designer

Kamila has been passionate about accessories since her early years, borrowing grans pearls at the age
of 4. While growing up Kamila developed a taste in jewelry and clothing different than dictated by 'fashion'. This eye for the different and unique has remained. Starting from small beginnings with earrings and necklaces, Kamila now works with genuine gems stones; pearls; wire; waxed cotton, leather and linen cord also silver findings. Working with these fantastic raw materials gives immense scope to create natural pieces of jewelry and accessories where imagination becomes reality.
The creative process is both relaxing and a source of personal satisfaction. The sense of pride in the work is huge when someone else loves the pieces enough to buy and wear them.

millie luna jewelry

Present bespoke handmade Jewelry and accessories made with genuine gem stones, silver and silver plated findings and various wires.
A unique opportunity to commission your own: earrings, bracelets, necklaces, hair combs, scarf slides, pendants, bag charms, wedding jewelry and table accessories.
All this and more custom made to your taste and desired colour scheme.
The only limit is your imagination.
Personalize your jewelry or give a unique individually tailored gift.